You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

Robin Schwartzman and Desiree Moore,
Minnesotan Ice

Minnesotan Ice is a state-fair concession stand from a dystopian Minnesotan future; one where potable water is a special occasion. Follow the signs to our booth of blinking lights and barter for a treat that will rocket you into the ice age. We’ve come from the future to trade our precious artifacts for yours. Bring it on down: Nothing is better for us than your personal possessions, be they mementos or mint wrappers! Pocketbooks or Pokemon cards! Ten bucks or toothpicks! We take it ALL! And in return, spend the night with your very own artifact encased in H20!

Team Credit: Mahmoud Hakima, Actor/Entertainer.


Robin Schwartzman is an artist who creates playful, large-scale public art. She is best known for her playful and interactive installations, which have been featured at the Walker Art Center, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and Art Shanty Projects, to name a few. Schwartzman’s obsession with leisure has led her to take inspiration from amusement parks and miniature golf courses around the world.

Desiree Moore is an artist whose medium is stories, memories and moments. Her films are site-specific, grounded in place, and inspired by locals. Themes include female relationships, analyzing the human psyche, and folklore in pseudo documentary sort of ways. She received her MFA in Film/Video and Digital Arts in 2013.

Mahmoud Hakima – Since arriving in the Twin Cities in 2001, Mahmoud Hakima has been entertaining audiences statewide through acting, storytelling, puppetry and improv comedy. He can occasionally be seen in the Dinner Detectives Murder Mystery show and as an occasional guest performer on Wednesday nights in Fantastic Voyage Improv at Magillycuddy’s of Anoka.


View more photos of Minnesotan Ice on the Northern Spark Flickr here!


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W River Parkway at Portland Ave S


9 pm—5:26 am


Robin Schwartzman
(b.) Bethlehem, PA
(works) Minneapolis, MN
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Desiree Moore
(b.) Indianapolis, IN
(works) Minneapolis and beyond
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